St Hilda’s


Living Away

Living away from home is expensive regardless of where you choose to live. At Hilda’s, your fees cover so much more than just a room and are great value for money.

Living at College means that you can be reassured that all the essentials are covered and that you aren’t having to worry about the extra stress of energy bills, groceries and housework. Instead, you can focus on your studies and spend your down time hanging out with your friends.

Residential Fees

Fees are set by the College Board each year. The 2024 annual fees will be $36,550 AUD.

This covers:

  • a fully-furnished single study bedroom
  • fully-catered residency for 39 weeks (no moving out mid-year!)
  • IT services, including a data connection point in each room AND unlimited data within the College’s usage policy
  • Weekly tutorials for your university subjects
  • Wellbeing and welfare support
  • Free laundry facilities
  • Use of extensive academic resources in the College library
  • Access to the College gym, plus the University of Melbourne Gyms, Pool and Fitness classes
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Student amenities fee of $450 (pays for membership of the Student Club, events and other student-related activities)


Additional Fees (New students only)

  • Enrolment fee: $870 AUD
  • Orientation week: $980 AUD
  • Room bond: $500 AUD (refundable upon departure from college if no damages occur in the student’s name)
  • Academic gown purchase: $50 AUD with option to purchase a pre-loved gown* at a reduced cost (*subject to availability)


Financial Assistance

Almost half of our students are on a scholarship of some kind. Access Scholarships form an important part of the financial assistance provided to students with demonstrated financial need. The support has made a real difference for many of our students. Applicants must complete the College forms to demonstrate their level of financial need.

Once your intercollegiate application form has been received you will be sent an individualised link to allow you to apply for financial assistance. If you have any questions, please email the Admissions Team.