A safe space

for everyone

St Hilda’s College is committed to being a welcoming and supportive community where every individual feels respected, safe and supported.

We want our students to thrive and grow academically and personally.

Our Policy

At St Hilda’s, we encourage our students to be thoughtful and respectful citizens. We regularly review our practices and actively seek input from students, staff and experts to ensure that we continually improve our practice in these matters.

We welcome the increasing recognition in our society of the issues of sexual harassment, sexual violence and antisocial behaviours. These behaviours are unacceptable and have no place in our College or in any community.  

Click here to view our Sexual Harm Policy

Our Standards

As a residential and academic community, we set a high standard of excellence for all members, both students and staff. The College has no tolerance for behaviour that demeans, harasses, discriminates, exploits or results in assault.

Our Approach

The College has a prompt, appropriate and rigorous institutional approach to antisocial behaviour which includes:

  • Clear and accessible protocols for reporting incidents, and robust policies and procedures to investigate allegations of sexual misconduct, harassment or antisocial behaviour
  • Code of Conduct training for all students
  • Mandatory training in sexual consent and bystander intervention for all students
  • Enforcement of the Code of Conduct which clearly sets out the standards of expected behaviour and specifies a range of responses, up to and including permanent expulsion from the College and/or referral to the police.

When a transgression occurs, the College responds promptly to ensure the wellbeing and safety of those involved by providing pastoral care and support.