St Hilda’s is a

great place to be

St Hilda’s College provides an inclusive, welcoming and encouraging environment for students to thrive while at university.

St Hilda’s is a bit different; we always were. As the youngest college at the University of Melbourne, we’ve always prided ourselves on being pioneers who create opportunities and welcome people in. 

Celebrating diversity and each individual’s unique talents, St Hilda’s is a community that feels like home. Our passionate team care about you and your development, supporting your growth both academically and personally through your journey with us.


We believe that being well is more than just excelling academically and having friends. We’ve developed a schedule of events, activities and guidance on what we believe are the pillars of wellbeing, allowing our students to feel connected and supported by each other. These events form our wheel of wellbeing and are part of everyday life at college.

24/7 support

Each student has access to their own tutors, peer mentors, career mentors, and residential advisors. Our team of Residential Advisors and Senior Residential Advisors are available after hours and act as dedicated student support. With 24/7 support available, we’ve created an inclusive and caring environment for our students to feel safe and at home.

Student club

Welcome to the club! As a member of the college community, you are automatically a member of the St Hilda’s Student Club. The club exists to fairly represent the voice of its members and to organise events that support the interests of the college. The Club provides an opportunity for students to be heard, connections to be made and leadership skills to develop.

Academic Support

We have a group of staff who live on-site, and employ a further 60 non-residential academics to assist you in your learning. All of our tutors are outstanding graduates whose teaching will facilitate your intellectual development and academic progress, help you with your subject selection and ensure you grasp the material at university. With 130 subject tutorials per week, our tutors host these small, collaborative groups in our private tutorial rooms to help you get the most of your studies.

If you are interested in tutoring at St Hilda’s College, please contact our Associate Dean, Adrian Oats

Kind words
from friends

Tea Clark, Arts, rural Victoria

To me St Hilda’s represents a coalescence of the lifestyle of a modern university student with the grace and inclusivity of traditional values, making my move to Melbourne and transition to University near seamless. During my time here, St Hilda’s has become more than a place of residence and academic support, and I know the friendships I have made here will be life-long. More than a slogan, I can proudly say our college motto ‘Communitas’ is a way of life.

Alex, from Sydney, studying Arts

In retrospect, there was no better choice for college than St Hilda’s. When you move to any new place, especially when travelling from interstate or overseas, you’re scared. No matter how confident, well – prepared and personable you are; you are scared. I don’t think I’ve had those anxieties lifted so fast anywhere than Hilda’s. The community is welcoming, inclusive and even if you feel as if you don’t fit in at first you will find your people here.

Amanda, from Korea, studying Science

Living here has really been a home away from home, from tutorials that help you with university work to having warm minestrone soup on a rainy day, St. Hilda’s is a very comforting and accepting place; you never feel alone. Being one of the smaller colleges means that everyone gets around, you can always find someone to talk to or go for a cheeky frozen yoghurt run. There are plenty of clubs, sports and events to attend so you can never have a boring semester here even if you tried.

Alfie, from Northern NSW, studying Arts

I really didn’t know what to expect from college, but I am so glad I ended up choosing St Hilda’s. What really makes it exceptional for me is the focus on community because everyone is so supportive and kind. There is always something to participate in no matter your talents or interest, which means that it’s both easy and fun to get involved in the college community. I was scared to move to the city but St Hilda’s has made it so much better than expected and this year has been amazing.

Alanah, from Darwin, studying Arts

I chose Hilda’s because they really value the inclusion of a wide range of students from all different backgrounds. I love it here as I am pushed to excel in both my academic studies as well as my social networking skills. I feel respected, valued and welcomed here.