Nick has been hooked on soccer since the age of 3. Relocating from Perth to studying a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne, with a Mathematics and Statistics major, Nick is in his second year at St Hilda’s College. He shares his love of sport with the College community, and planned to lead the St Hilda’s soccer team to victory in 2020 as Captain. This leadership role excited and enthused him, however the team could not take the field due to restrictions and that has been disappointing. Along with participating in College soccer, Nick is also a valuable player in the University futsal competition, alongside other St Hilda’s peers and tutors.

Seeking other sporting opportunities, Nick branched out to the wider community and signed up with the Brunswick City soccer club in late 2019 to play semi-professionally. Despite not knowing any other players prior to joining, Nick has found a strong community within his under 20’s age group and sees the team as a valuable addition to his social circle.

With free time on his hands due to sport being cancelled in 2020, Nick has channeled his energy into keeping fit so that he will be match ready once the restrictions ease. This commitment involves strength-based training sessions focused on maintaining technique and agility, combined with cardio-focused speed play sessions targeting endurance – a vital skill needed for his position as a centre midfielder. Nick also focuses on injury prevention methods. Maintaining this regime has been made possible with the ready access to both the College and University gyms located on the doorstep. In his own words, Nick’s experience with soccer has enriched his life skills in so many ways, from improving his self-confidence and study motivation, to enhancing communication skills from interacting with players from different backgrounds and age groups. Being a strong advocate for an achievable sport-study life balance, Nick has found that the additional high-level sport commitments has in fact improved his time management skills in a way he has not experienced before. 

Outside of soccer, Nick has found the support and connections he has made within the College community to be so valuable. From playing a competitive round of ping-pong or pool in the Junior Common Room, to testing his chess abilities in the library, there really is something for everyone at St Hilda’s. 

Nick was appointed as the senior Student Ambassador for the College this year, taking prospective students on tours and helping coordinate recruitment activities. He plans to stay in 2021 and complete his Undergraduate degree, and enjoy the St Hilda’s College living and learning environment to enhance his overall University experience.