Twin sisters Mindy and Jennifer share a unique experience at St Hilda’s, together. From supporting each other when home-sick, to sharing ideas and memorable experiences their College experience has been shared, and enriched.

After being inspired by the high tertiary ranking at the University of Melbourne and all the opportunities offered at St Hilda’s, the two made the bold decision to leave their family in Hong Kong and travel overseas to study and pursue their futures. Both students are studying a Bachelor of Science and hope to major in Animal Health and Disease.

Mindy and Jennifer were enticed to St Hilda’s by the warm and welcoming community.  Despite not attending the campus for an Open Day tour, they were able to digitally explore the college through the highlights and community videos found on the website. After a short time at the College this year, the inclusive cohort size felt just right and like a family. Their decision to move here was the right one.

The girls noted how welcomed they felt even prior to arriving at Hilda’s, pointing out how helpful they each found the various emails and surveys in the lead up to their arrival, enabling a smooth transition. Most importantly, they were pleasantly surprised at the honest attention given to them by the staff and Principal, Dr Brenda Holt, being asked if there was anything else they need to help make their new home feel even more comfortable.

20-07-12 Quad Chan twins 807

Having lived at Hilda’s during the COVID-19 restrictions from March, the girls found that being on the same campus together to be comforting. Mindy exclaimed her gratefulness for the quieter days, as it allowed them to form deeper connections with the other students who were onsite too during those months. The pair spent their time in the library revising for exams, and embracing the academic support offered by tutors which they attribute to their pleasing results.

Fitting neatly into the group of international students guided by third year student and International Representative Ian Lam, there were plans for cultural food evenings and support events that have unfortunately been put on hold for now. However, the twins know that their transition from Hong Kong has, and will continue to be, the right decision. St Hilda’s is their second home, and they belong here.