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General Financial Assistance

Application for Financial Assistance

St Hilda's College has funding which permits the award of a limited number of bursaries to support students in cases of financial need.

If a family wishes to be considered for bursary assistance, the financial assessment forms below will need to be completed by both the parents/guardians and the student.

The College is aware of the private and confidential nature of the information being sought. Unfortunately, its collection is essential to ensure bursaries are awarded fairly and to those whose needs are the greatest. All information provided will be treated confidentially.

The financial assessment form is in two parts:

  • section 1 - to be completed by students
  • section 2 - to be completed by parents/guardians

Parents’ financial data should be based on their most recent financial year records and should record gross income. Student data should be based on their budget for the coming year.

When submitting these forms, it is essential to attach copies of any documentation
supporting the financial information provided. This might include, but is not limited to, tax returns, payment summaries, pay slips, Centrelink correspondence and bank documents.

Please note that your application for financial assistance will not be considered if there is no documentation to support the information contained therein.

Please provide a summary of your financial situation and attach additional pages if

Section 1


On this form we are seeking information on your budget for 2019 (ie your estimate of your income and expenses). Please complete all sections of this form to the best of your ability. It is essential to attach copies of documentation supporting the information provided, eg tax returns, payment summaries, pay slips, Centrelink correspondence, bank documents, etc.

A Estimated income
1. Employment income
2. Youth Allowance

If yes, please estimate amount to be received for the calendar year to 31 December 2019

Please attach supporting documentation from Centrelink, either confirming receipt of Youth Allowance or copy of application documents.

3. Income from Other Sources

Projected income not included above, eg interest, dividends, external scholarships and/or bursaries (other than from this College), etc for the calendar year to 31 December 2019.
Please attach supporting documentation.

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Include both actual and anticipated expenses for the calendar year to 31 December 2019 for which you will be personally responsible. Do not include expenses paid by parent(s) or other person(s) on your behalf.

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Please summarise your current family and financial situation, including any other matters not already covered but which you feel are relevant to this application. This might include details of living arrangements, parents, loans, employment, expectations and plans. Please attach additional notes if necessary.

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F. Parent/Guardian Details

Your parent/guardian will also need to complete Section 2 of the Financial Assessment Form, please enter their details below to send them a link to complete Section 2.

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